With winter well and truly here, many homeowners are looking for ways to protect their driveways from the elements of nature. One option which is becoming increasingly popular is a resin bound driveway. Resin driveways are attractive, durable, and low maintenance – but what makes them particularly appealing during the winter months? Let’s take a closer look why you should choose a resin driveway during winter.

Durability & Safety of Resin Bound Driveway During Winter

A Resin-bound driveway during winter offers superior durability and can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall and harsh weather conditions. This means that they will not crack or break in freezing temperatures like asphalt or concrete may do.

They also don’t become slippery when wet – an important factor during the colder months when ice and snow can make navigating driveways treacherous. Resin driveways are slip resistant as well as non-skid, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or skidding on your driveway even when it has been covered with snow or ice.

The anti-slip layer is created by adding crushed glass on top of the resin layer during the installation. It is particularly beneficial for sloping driveways that need that extra grip during cold and wet winter months.

Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning

Another great benefit of resin bound driveways is that they require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean.

Snowfall won’t damage the surface and all you need to do is sweep away any leaves or debris that accumulate over time. You can also remove snow easily with a plastic shovel without damaging the surface of your driveway – something you cannot do with other surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

Finally, if salt needs to be applied to prevent ice formation, it will not corrode or damage the surface of a resin bound driveway as it might do on other materials used for paving such as concrete or stone.


Overall, resin bound drive ways offer superior protection against winter weather conditions while maintaining their aesthetic appeal throughout the year.

With minimal maintenance required and easy cleaning, they are an ideal option for any homeowner who wants a safe and attractive driveway during colder months. If you’re looking for an attractive yet durable paving solution for your home this winter season, consider investing in a Moli resin bound driveway today!

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