Permeable, long-lasting and SuDS-compliant – resin bound paving has risen up the ranks thanks to its numerous qualities. Resin driveway maintenance is very minimal and making it one of the easiest surfaces to look after.

However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, so here are our top cleaning tips to help you rejuvenate your resin drive.

Even though resin bound is durable and hard-wearing, we recommend protecting the surface from parking heavy goods vehicles or placing skips on it.

Resin Drives Maintenance

Resin driveways, paths and patios can be kept in tip-top condition by regularly sweeping them with a stiff broom. This will help to remove detritus materials such as leaves, sand and soil and assist in preventing moss growth.

Jet Wash Your Resin Driveway

Pressure washing your resin bound driveway is relatively straightforward. Giving a good pressure wash one or twice a year will help to avoid a build-up of marks and dirt that could lead to stains.
We advise using a jet wash with a flat spraying nozzle or a fan-type lance. It will improve precision and accuracy when pressure washing your resin driveway. Before turning on your jetwash make sure you have swept your driveway first.

Use a pressure washer which has no more than a 150 bar rating. Using excessive water pressure could damage your resin surface. The water lance should be sprayed at a minimum of 20 centimetres (8 inches) above the resin bound surface.

Spray your resin drive moving the jet wash back and forth using a sweeping motion. You should have your water set at a cold temperature. Too hot water could cause damage to the resin.

Hosing Down Resin Surfaces

A garden hose pipe can also be used to clean your resin driveway, path or patio. Just like with a pressure washer, you should use the hose in sweeping back-and-forth motions. Due to the nature of resin bound, liquids drain straight through the surface to prevent puddles. If you spilled something with a colour like red wine, it might leave a stain so we recommend hosing it down straight away.

Sweeping Your Resin Drive, Path or Patio

As part of your resin driveway maintenance, regular sweeping to remove leaves, sand or soil in addition to annual jet wash is advised to help keep your driveway nice and clean. A stiff-bristled brush is recommended for cleaning your resin bound drive. It is firm enough to remove any moss and leaves without damaging the surface. Regular maintenance is important if you want to avoid moss and sprouting weeds which can appear from birds dropping seeds.

Weed Removal From Resin Surfacing

Resin bound surfacing is weed resistant and Moli resin specialists treat it with weed killer prior to the installation. However, it is not fully guaranteed to be seedling free. This is because of seed spreading by birds, animals and the weather. In the event that seedlings do start to grow, they can be simply pulled out by hand, ensuring the root is pulled out.
If the seedlings take root, they can be killed with a mild weed killer. If you are using a strong weed killer, ensure to water it down significantly first. Strong weed killers that aren’t diluted could cause discolouration to the resin surface.

Tyre Marks and Resin

In order to limit the chance of any tyre marks on your resin driveway, avoid turning your steering wheel whilst stationary. If there are any tyre marks on the surface, you can wipe them down with white spirit and wash them with an emulsifier and a fan-assisted pressure washer.

Chewing Gum on the Resin Surface

If you’ve got any chewing gum stuck to your resin surface, it can be easily removed with a free spray. Each piece of chewing gum should be hardened with the freeze spray and then gently scraped off with a suitable tool.

Heavy Objects

Resin bound paving is designed for light vehicle traffic and pedestrian use. Heavy goods vehicles shouldn’t park or manoeuvre on resin bound driveways. Skips and other heavy objects shouldn’t be placed on the driveway to prevent stone chipping and surface cracking. If this is unavoidable, wooden planks should be used to help spread the weight and protect the surface.

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid is extremely corrosive to resin bound paving. If you’ve accidentally spilt brake fluid on your resin driveway, remove it straight away with warm water.

Oil and Fuel Spillages

Any vehicle leak can be unsightly, especially on an otherwise pristine driveway. The quicker you address the spillage, the easier it will be to remove stains. Start off by washing the oil and fuel with soapy water and then spray away any marks that remain with a light pressure wash.

Snow and Ice on Your Resin Paving

You should avoid using any metal tools on your resin surface as they can damage it. Provided that, we recommend you use a plastic shovel for snow removal. Sand or salt to prevent ice from becoming a hazard can be used during colder months. Once the cold weather has passed, the surface should be cleaned with a stiff broom followed by a light pressure wash.

Removing Moss and Algae from Resin Surface

Moss and algae usually grow in shaded and damp areas. If your resin driveway, pathway or patio gets plenty of sunshine throughout the day, this will not be an issue. To maximise the sunshine on your surface, plants and shrubbery could be cut back. If your resin bound surface does experience any growth, a bleach solution and light power wash should be enough to solve the problem.

Need Any Help With Resin Driveway Maintenance?

If there is anything you would like to know about resin.driveway maintenance and cleaning, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here and always happy to help if we can.

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