What's the difference between a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway?

Resin bound and resin bonded are different surfacing methods. Resin bonded is where a resin adhesive is rolled across the top of a surface with aggregates scattered on top. Resin bonded should not be used for driveways as it is not strong or durable enough for vehicle traffic. Resin bound is where both the aggregates and the resin are combined in a forced action mixer and then hand trowelled on to a suitable base. Resin bound is laid at 18mm depth and is durable enough to withstand vehicle traffic. MOLI only install resin bound driveways.

Do I need planning permission for a resin bound driveway?

Resin bound is permeable and therefore compliant with SUDS regulations. You therefore do not need any planning permission to install your resin driveway.

How long until I can walk and drive on my resin bound driveway?

Resin bound should be left to set for at least 24 hours before you can walk on it.

Is resin toxic to animals?

In its cured state resin is not toxic to animals.

Can a resin bound surface be laid on a roof terrace?

Resin bound can be laid on to roof terraces, however it will all depend on the weight bearing capability of the structure in question and so can only be confirmed via a site survey.

What kind of stone is used in resin bound surfacing?

MOLI use high quality kiln dried and washed stone for our installations. The stone used in our mixes tends to be quartzite, quartz and granite, carefully sourced from around the UK, to provide the strongest aggregates with the greatest cosmetic appeal.

Do you offer different colours of resin bound surfaces?

MOLI can work with you to provide a bespoke colour mix that will best suit your proposed design and application.

How many years will a resin drive last?

The length of time our resin driveways last is dependent on how well they are maintained. However, they come with a 10-year installation guarantee, whilst there is an optional insurance-backed guarantee also available for an additional 10-years. However, our resin driveways come with a lifetime colour-lock guarantee.

How does it work?

Our resin bound driveways work by coating high-quality aggregates with a clear polyurethane resin, creating an ultra-strong bond that makes the mixture highly durable but porous. This mixture is then laid across a suitable flat surface, typically tarmac, asphalt or concrete, which sits above a permeable sub-base of frost-resistant MOT Type 3. This allows for any surface water to drained away safely into the ground below. There is also a layer of crushed, coated glass that sits on top of the resin mixture, which gives the surface anti-slip properties.

Is it slippery?

The top layer of consists of 0.5mm of crushed glass that has been casted. This makes the driveway non-slippery so it can be used safely.

Can I mix colours?

Yes, you can. Here at Moli, we can work with you to create a bespoke colour mix that best suits your project.


How long will my resin bound driveway last?

How long a resin driveway will last, will depend on how well the surface is maintained. MOLI resin driveway contractors offer a 10 year guarantee on all of their installations.

Can weeds grow through resin bound driveways?

Weeds cannot grow through resin bound driveways because the structure of the resin bound stops anything being able to grow up it. However, seedlings can germinate on top of the surface from seed dispersal. Resin bound is weed resistant but not weed free. It is best to prevent seedlings germinating with a mild weed killer.

How can I care for my new resin surface?

Your new MOLI resin surface requires no initial aftercare. However after 6-12 months the resin driveway can be maintained by using a weak weed killer diluted in to a watering can to weed kill the area. A domestic jet washer can then be ysed to ensure the surface is free of dirt and grime.

Will my new resin surface be slippery?

Your new resin surface will not be slippy. MOLI resin surfaces are specially tested using empirical and field testing to ensure that they are anti-skid. MOLI coat every resin surface with a special anti-skid coating to ensure the surface has the highest slip-resistance available.

How do resin bound driveways react to frost?

Frost does not impact MOLI resin driveways, providing the base is porous. With a porous base and sub-base, any water should flow through therefore leaving no surface water or slippy surfaces.

Will my resin driveway react to summer sun?

Resin bound is heat resistant and stable up to 220°c. Heat will not impact your resin driveway. All of our resin bound driveways are UV stable and so will not change colour with the rays from the sun.

Can I put my cars, a van or caravan on resin surfaces?

All of our resin bound surfaces can withstand any vehicle weight up to 7.5tonnes. For vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes the specification of our resin bound is changed to facilitate the weight. Generally speaking any domestic vehicle is fine for resin bound but a commercial vehicle, such as a dustbin wagon, the resin bound would have to be laid at a different depth.

Will the resin colour change over time?

All of MOLI resin bound surfaces come with a lifetime colour lock guarantee ensuring that they will not change colour throughout the lifetime of the driveway, path or patio.

What’s my guarantee?

All MOLI contractors provide a 10 year guarantee for their workmanship. All resin surfaces come with a lifetime colour lock guarantee.


How can I speak to an advisor?

There are many ways you can contact Moli. The best way is by phone on 0300 303 0048 or by email on

Who installs my driveway?

Your driveway will be installed by one of MOLI's professional, academy trained local approved contractors. Approved contractors have been specially hand picked by the manufacturer to install MOLI resin bound surfacing.

Can I plan a bespoke driveway?

All MOLI all of our resin bound driveways are bespoke. We consult and plan with you to create your dream driveway design or make the most of your outdoor space, calling on our extensive resin bound expertise. We can create surfaces to suit all of your styles, needs and budgets.

Are you certified?

MOLI sit on the technical committee for the industry body, FeRFA, and all of our resin bound systems are approved by The BBA. All installers are Resin Mill approved to install resin bound surfacing.

Do you just offer resin driveways?

MOLI offer all types of resin bound surfacing. This includes paths, patios, large landscaped areas and commercial projects. We are resin bound specialists and currently only install resin bound.

Can I create a garden landscape with resin surface features?

Absolutely. Resin bound is extremely flexible and we can work with you to create the perfect landscape you have always wanted. Resin is quite commonly used for steps!

Are there any examples I can view?

If you’d like to arrange a meeting with one of our Driveway Consultants, they will be able to show you various examples to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


What if something happens to my resin driveway, pathway or patio?

Your resin bound surface has been constructed to the highest possible standards. In the very uncommon event that anything should happen to your surface please contact your approved installer as a soon as possible.

Do resin surfaces stain easily?

Resin bound is stain resistant.

Can resin surfaces be repaired?

Resin surfaces can be repaired but it depends on the extent of the damage and is taken on a case by case basis. MOLI do not carry out repairs on other installers work.

Customer Service

How can I get in touch to speak to an advisor?

Please call our friendly team on 0300 303 0048 to see how we can help you.

What are your operating hours?

MOLI are open 9-5 Monday to Thursday and 8-4 on a Friday.

I have a question about my resin surface post-installation - what can I do?

You can give your local approved installer a call or you can call us at head office on 0300 303 0048.

Do you offer free callouts?

Yes, we do. In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong with your resin surface and you’d like us to take a look at it, simply give our friendly team a call on 0300 303 0048 and arrange a time for us to come out and see you.


Can I pay in instalments?

You can pay MOLI in instalments. You can pay 25% deposit, 50% after the base preparation and the remaining balance of 25% upon completion.

Are your prices competitive?

MOLI installers offer the best pricing for the highest quality work available.

Do prices change depending on the colour chosen?

Because we multi-source our stone to ensure that we bring you the finest quality aggregates, they come from different quarries and have different values. Therefore the prices can vary slightly from one colour to another colour.

Will I need to pay more for a bespoke design?

All MOLI resin bound surfacing is bespoke to you and your property. We are more than just resin driveways. Our selection of resin bound surfacing will allow you to create the perfect space for entertaining, relaxing or for function. We have everything that you may need to suit your style and taste.

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