Working towards a greener future

To give you an idea of how we are working towards a greener future, we have listed some of the ways that we operate in a more sustainable way below:

Moli sustainability:

  • Evaluating our operations to improve efficiency and reduce wastage
  • Minimising toxic emissions through our selection and use of our fleet and power requirement
  • Working towards recycling 100% of internal and stakeholder waste
  • Sourcing products that minimise the environmental impact for production and distribution
  • Working with our Trade Associations/Accreditors to improve Sustainability within our work and to introduce to clients an environmentally friendly alternative in our landscaping ideas to other choices of patios, pathways and driveways
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SUDS compliant resin driveways

SUDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System. For a driveway to achieve SUDS compliance, it must allow water to drain safely through it in an environmentally-friendly way. Our resin bound driveways, patios and pathways are all SUDS compliant, which also means they can be installed to any size without the need for planning permission.

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Water Permeable

Due to the way it forms, our resin bound gravel allows water to drain through the finished surface naturally, reducing slippage and puddles. It is also weed resistant.

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Compared to concrete, our resin is over 10 times more eco-friendly due to the materials used, and it still has a brilliant end finish with long-lasting appeal.

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