How much does a resin driveway cost?

Resin bound driveways are a permeable, easily maintained, durable, and slip-resistant paving option that allows water to drain straight through its surface. These features coupled with its fantastic aesthetic appeal make resin surfacing one of the most sought-after choices for driveways. With it being so popular, let’s look at how much a resin driveway costs.

Since resin bound surfacing is unique to each project, it is difficult to quote a resin driveway cost per square metre.

Generally, an average two-car UK driveway is 45m2. A new resin driveway of that size completed and provided by a reputable company would cost between £4,000-£8,000. For larger properties with over 100m2 prices would start at around £10,000.

So what does affect the cost of a resin driveway? The cost of a resin bound driveway will depend on the answers to several questions including:

  • The size of the resin driveway area
  • The required depth of the surface
  • What driveway surface do you currently have?
  • Would you prefer a UV stable or non UV stable resin?
  • Do you need to install edging on the new surface?

Resin Driveway Cost And Area Size

resin drive cost

A certain amount of the cost of a resin drive is fixed, regardless of the size, such as fuel costs getting to and from the site. Hence, why the square metre rate will decrease when the area size increases.

The resin driveway price can also increase if you are changing the layout of your existing drive instead of keeping it the same.

The Required Depth Of The Resin Surface

The required resin surface depth depends on whether it is will be used for vehicular or foot-only traffic. Surfaces for vehicular traffic such as driveways need to be extremely hard-wearing and durable and that is why our resin experts will always install resin driveways at 18mm. We also use the strongest aggregates within our colour blends, so your new resin driveway can withstand car traffic.

When it comes to foot traffic, the resin paths and patios can be installed at 15mm, reducing the material cost as well as your overall quote.

Your Current Driveway Surface

Another resin driveway cost factor will depend on your existing driveway surface. It is probably the single most important cost driver.

We’ll need to take into account the amount of preparation, cleaning and levelling required to the sub-base of the driveway. You may have a tarmac driveway, a concrete drive, block paving or even a grassed area, a lot of l these will take a certain amount of preparation work.

For a grassed or stoned area, the area itself would need to be excavated, a compacted stone base installed, before installing a porous concrete.

UV Stable Resin Vs Non-UV Stable

There are significant differences between UV stable resin bound materials and non-UV stable. As you have probably guessed, the UV stable means it is resistant to UV sun rays and does not change the colour of the resin surface after installation.

Non-UV resin materials are cheaper, however, their surfaces yellow over time and if you leave a planter on the drive and then move it later, you will see where it has been.

At Moli, our installers only use UV stable products which offer you a wider range of resin colour options. We also provide a lifetime colour guarantee for every Moli resin driveway, path or patio we fit.

Resin Driveway Edging And Costs

You’ll find that if you want to maintain a neat and high-quality finish, you’ll need some form of edge restraint. This can be almost any type of existing edge, such as bricks, paving slabs, timber or a wall.

We offer a wide range of edging options, so you can pick the right colour, shape and size that matches not only your new resin drive but also the whole exterior.

Resin Overlay – A Cheaper Resin Driveway Option

how much resin bound driveway cost

If you are looking to freshen up your driveway, patio or garden paths without a full excavation, then Moli overlay is the way to go.

Provided you have a sound base such as tarmac or concrete, it may be possible to install a resin bound surface on top of it. This will not only rejuvenate the outdoor space but will also help you save money on the project.

So how much does resin driveway overlay costs? Generally speaking prices for a resin overlay range from £100 per square metre.

Compared with the resin installation where the base is replaced, the overlay project is tidier and can be completed in as little as two days. You will still enjoy the same benefits of resin bound surfacing including slip resistance, a touch of colour, quality materials, UV resistance and easy maintenance.

To see if your property qualifies for an overlay, get in touch with us.

Moli – Your Local Resin Driveway Installer

Based in Huddersfield and HICS accredited, Moli is a local resin surface installer offering quality workmanship and fantastic customer service from start to finish. Moli resin bound surfaces are fully guaranteed and come with a lifetime colour guarantee.

Moli resin installers cover the whole of Yorkshire including Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and York.

Moli also offers competitive finance packages to help you spread the cost of your new driveway. Get in touch with us today for a free resin driveway quote.

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