Resin driveway design can be as simple or as complex as you like, and with an array of colours to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

Here at Moli, we love nothing more than helping you design something that is bespoke to your property, creating eye-catching surfaces, and boosting your curb appeal along with your home’s value.

We’ve collated a list of our favourite resin driveway design suggestions that will, hopefully, inspire you to look beyond block colour and envisage a property that stands out from the rest.

Colourful resin driveway designs

The modest yet striking shades of resin driveway design can elevate your exterior, bringing the focus to your front door, brickwork, tiling or planting, that benefit from a touch of colour and vibrancy.

Moli’s Mocca is a fantastic blend for neutral sandstone homes with the perfect mixture of soft browns, cream pebbles and hints of toned greens.

Moli’s Glow – a combination of shiny yellows and bold reds to engineer a colour that looks radiant along red brick properties and sandstone as well.

Another great option is moving away from the typical one-colour resin driveway design and adding a different colour resin border.

resin driveway design

Monochrome resin driveway designs

Black, white or grey never goes out of style and resin surfaces in these colours look amazing with a rich tone that captures the eye and elevates the look of your whole house.

Moli’s Comet – one of the most popular blends that has a black colour base speckled with white and small greys to create a two-dimensional colour.

Moli’s Azure – a much lighter colour than Comet. It is a modern take on a classic shade with splashes of whites, greys and blacks to produce a sleek, minimalistic blend.

If you are a fan of all things classic and cool, a monochrome resin driveway design enhances the aesthetic of your house instantly and makes it the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

resin driveway design

Contemporary resin driveway designs

The traditional driveway is a straight, square shape, but if you are expanding then you can consider a number of alternatives.

If you want to explore effective design and maximise the space available, resin driveway design is agile and effective with curves, angles and inlaid patterns.

Swooping stark black through the centre of platinum grey resin driveways looks stunning.

Or, try balancing a dark grey blend against clean white resin stones to differentiate between parts of your home, accenting water features or greenery throughout your exterior and drawing attention to your property.

resin driveway design pattern


Bespoke pattern and shapes resin driveway designs

From bespoke shapes and patterns to multi-coloured football club logos and inlaid compasses, we have installed an array of individual-style driveways.

Whatever design you have in mind, the comprehensive selection of our resin bound driveway colours opens up a door for creative motivation that surpasses the limitations of concrete, block paving and tarmac.

resin driveway design pattern

Please visit our Gallery page for further design inspiration from past projects, or get in touch with the Moli team to arrange a good time for a chat about your required look – we’re here to recommend blends that will look exceptional.

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